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Timber Lined Ceiling in Perth - Dianella.


Breathtaking Timber Ceiling with lighting units

This large and unusually shaped timber lined ceiling was constructed using Gloss-wood pre-finished lining boards. The client opted for the Cedar look. The timber ceiling lining was part of a major back yard reconstruction which included a new swimming pool, alfresco area, bar, outdoor kitchen and pizza oven.

Getting a top quality finish when working with different roof pitches and shapes for timber ceilings, can be difficult but with a skilled and experienced workforce these difficulties can be overcome to give a truly striking end product. Such ceilings can be a pain in the neck - literally - but that's why we are here. Our problem not yours.

Downlights and ceiling fans can also create a modern look to a timber ceiling and are always planned and prepared at the early stages. Perth Outdoor Installations use preferred electrical contractors who work closely with the ceiling lining installation team to prevent any hold-ups.

Glosswood Cedar effect Lined Ceiling - Perth WA  Cedar finish Glosswood lined ceiling. The angles of the ceiling present no problems for us. It is simply a day's wors (or so!)

Look at the images above and you will see just what type of work we are capable of. Multi angled timber work is our forte, and we actually have great pride in being able to do this type of ceiling work.